VCAL Program

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) at Thomas Carr College is designed to be flexible to assist students in creating a Senior Program that provides them with practical, work related experiences both in the classroom and workplace setting.

Students undertaking VCAL at Year 11 have the opportunity to build a program that includes either a VCE subject such as Outdoor Education, or weekly Structured Workplace Learning, as well as their VET course. At Year 12, all students are involved in a three-day program at Thomas Carr College, with one day at VET courses and one day of Structured Workplace Learning or School-Based Apprenticeships/Traineeships.

Many students who undertake VCAL at Thomas Carr College, go onto further studies at Certificate IV and Diplomas levels. Others choose to continue with apprenticeships and traineeships or move into full time work.

Thomas Carr College looks to provide a program that ensures our students gain hands on and practical experience in their chosen industry and develop critical employability skills such as literacy and numeracy skills, as well as digital literacy. In addition to this, students work together managing projects, team building and understanding more about themselves and their part in the wider community.

To find out more about VCAL at Thomas Carr College- read through the 2022 VCAL Handbook or contact the VCAL VET Coordinator – Mr Casey Backhouse.

Levels of VCAL

Students can achieve success at three levels:

  • Foundation: Students participate in a program which is highly supported by the teacher. Course content is largely teacher-directed and related to the interests and needs of the students. Students participate in activities which are generally student-initiated and teacher-directed.
  • Intermediate: Students to become more independent in their choice of tasks and the way they demonstrate their understanding. The teacher is more a facilitator of the program which is decided upon in negotiation with the student and based around their interests and career choices.
  • Senior: Students demonstrate the ability to plan, organise and work independently. Their program is based on their career choices and interests and the teacher guides, mentors and supports the students as they undertake activities and tasks. Senior students demonstrate employability skills, initiative, competence, maturity and workforce readiness.