Year Nine students experience enormous emotional, physical, social and intellectual changes as they transition from childhood to adulthood. This period of transition is often characterised by students’ growing sense of independence from both parents and teachers while at the same time developing more supportive relationships among their peers. The adolescent needs to find expression in the diversity of experience and will occasionally need to learn from their mistakes as they progress towards adulthood.

As a school, we have a responsibility to sustain student motivation and improving skills in students and teachers. It is with this aim in mind, that the College shaped a program that will engage students and equip them with new skills that will help shape their adult selves.

The program aims to develop students who:

  • Are independent, self-aware learners who set goals, reflect and evaluate their own progress
  • Are confident to take risks with, and responsibility for their own learning
  • Pose critical questions about their world and can sue traditional online and community resources to develop responses
  •  Work co-operatively to complete a variety of tasks with teams of peers
  • Are socially aware, ethical and caring global citizens
  • Are connected to fellow students, staff and The College and see themselves as members of a learning community