House Athletics Carnival

The 2019 House Athletics Carnival was held at Newport Athletics on Friday March 8 in bright sunny conditions.

We are pleased to announce Westport as the 2019 House Athletics Champions. Congratulations to Mr Feletar, his house captains and all students in Westport on their first carnival win since 2015.

House Year Level Champions:

Congratulations to the following students on their fantastic achievements on the day:

Year 7 Girls:                             Year 7 Boys:

1st Emily Morgan                      1st Brodie Thomson

2nd Ruby Hogan                       2nd Jayden Mohan

3rd Shirani Singh                       3rd Callum Dansey


Year 8 Girls:                             Year 8 Boys:

1st Monica Buoch                      1st Harrison Le

2nd Hanna Belew                      2nd Anthony Gattellaro

3rd Caitlin Dennis                      3rd Magook Deng


Year 9 Girls:                             Year 9 Boys:

1st Ruhani Mamgain                  1st Shanil Nair

2nd Kira Malignaggi                   2nd Brad Ganley

3rd Condelisa Majak                  3rd Aidan Snoey


Year 10 Girls:                           Year 10 Boys:

1st Isabel Choate                      1st Jack Bonnett

2nd Dakodah Cott                     2nd Thomas Micallef

3rd Shane Villegas                    3rd Jayden Dashwood


Year 11 Girls:                           Year 11 Boys:

1st Ating Maker                         1st Zach Vesty

2nd Ashleigh Koropeckyj           2nd George Quispe

3rd Agok Beyong                      3rd Jayden Danaher


Year 12 Girls:                           Year 12 Boys:

1st Jade Murrell                         1st Jayden Martin

2nd Adhlock Mabor                   2nd Peter Tomelty

3rd Monique Fegan                   3rd William Kawi