Catholic Identity

Our Catholic Identity programs at Thomas Carr College provides staff and students with the opportunity to develop the vital components of knowledge, understanding, appreciation and celebration of the living Catholic faith in today’s world.

Teaching is our ministry, Jesus is our model. People are our passion, transformed lives are our product and Heaven is our goal. This is the essence of Catholic Education” (Anonymous)

Calling ourselves a Catholic College brings tremendous joy but also great responsibilities. The Catholic Identity Team comprising of our Director of Catholic Identity, Mrs Nakkita Egan College Chaplain, Mr Larry Burn, Head of Learning, Mrs Tamara Lourdes and our Social Justice Coordinator Mrs Shirley Dagmang is certainly a visible sign and instrument of the living Gospel. The challenge each year is for them to enact the College’s Catholic Identity within every element of College life thus develop ways for students to connect further to their religious education learning.

The Catholic Identity Team are well supported by a group of dedicated Religious Education teachers who engage in regular professional learning centred on a hermeneutical approach to the development of a rich re-contextualised inquiry based RE program. However, this rich ‘spirituality in action’ is certainly not confined to the Catholic Identity or RE team. We have a large number of amazing students and staff in both formal an informal roles who engage in opportunities to build up our Catholic Identity ensuring a lived faith today.

May we continue to reflect on the gift of grace which helps us to know God better,
we pray that we continue to maximise opportunities to proclaim our Catholic identity, celebrate our faith tradition, host and participate in activities which build a sense of community