We made it!

We got to the end of the first semester of this most tumultuous of academic years! And we did so with resilience, with tenacity, with hope, and with joy! As a College community, we have been able to go about our core business, which is learning in all areas of our life – academic, social, spiritual. We have been able to celebrate important events that shape us as a community. Events such as Cultural Diversity Week, Reconciliation Week, Luminosity, SACCSS Sport, Thomas Carr Day, Wynspeak, Mother’s Day, Pentecost, It Takes A Spark, iD9, Malay-Borneo Relationship, TCC Coffee Cart, College Assemblies … all these have been an opportunity for us to gather as a community and to celebrate who we are. In amongst all this we have continued to attend classes and engage with our learning in a meaningful and effective way. Guest speakers, incursions, excursions, online activities have all added breadth and depth to our learning in the classroom. And we have continued to be the warm, welcoming, beautifully diverse community of learners that we are. Not bad for a term that has tested our capacity and our resilience due to the many absences of students and staff.

Not only is Winter coming, it’s well and truly here! The colder months turn us inward and create a desire to bunker down under our doonas! Winter is also a terrific opportunity to find ways to connect with those we live and work with. Our young people need the time to rest, to slow down, to settle into easy routines. I encourage all our families to try out something old to create something new. Play a few board games, watch a movie together, cook a slow meal together, have a hot chocolate, go for a Sunday drive … all of these things are opportunities for connecting with our young people and ensuring we know what’s going on in their lives. Having a meaningful conversation with our young people is a strong preventative factor in ensuring good mental health. Winter can be a trigger for a more melancholic mindset, so these activities can create a safe setting for these conversations to happen. ReachOut have some terrific tips that can be found at this link. I encourage you to check this out and to have these conversations during the break.

As we head into the break, can I also ask all families to do a bit of an inventory with their young person. Please check that they have a full correct uniform, that they have all the equipment they need to facilitate their learning, and that they work on developing a growth academic mindset. Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford University, shares the power of “yet” in this video. We will work with our young people over the coming months on the power of “yet” where we will explore how we grow as learners. Hopefully, this will assist our young people in improving their academic results and develop in them a greater grit and tenacity needed to face challenges in their life.

So, happy end of Term 2 and Happy Holidays! I extend to all our families my gratitude for the partnership we work in, for the support we have from you, and for the joy your young people bring to our communal life. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming months. Here are some tips that can help you have positive and constructive conversations with your child. 

  • Being genuinely interested and curious about what your child is telling you
  • Giving them your undivided attention
  • Show empathy – put yourself in your child’s shoes
  • Avoid just giving them instructions or unsolicited advice

Choose a quiet space without distractions for important conversations.

Ms Ivanka Spiteri, Deputy Principal Student and Wellbeing