A Welcome to the Year 7 and 12 Students of 2019

On Friday February 1, our new Year 7 students entered the Thomas Carr College gates for their very first day of secondary school. Many were excited and many were nervous but those nerves seemed to pass as they walked up the path to be greeted by Mr Craig Holmes, new principal of Thomas Carr College. Mr Holmes took the time to introduce himself to both students and parents and offer the students the best of luck on their first day.

Mr Holmes also welcomed back the Year 12 students to the College, as they entered their first day of their last year at Thomas Carr College.

The Year 7’s were given the opportunity to become familiar with the Head of Middle School, Mr John Wilkinson, the Year Level Co-ooridnators, Mr Levy and Mrs Rothery, the Principal, Mr Holmes and the Deputy Principal, Ms Angelico. All members of staff offered the Year 7 students their support and wished them luck as they embarked on their secondary school journey.

The morning concluded with morning tea in the Dining Room for the Year 7 parents – providing them the opportunity to get to know the College and it’s staff better.

We wish the new Year 7 students and the Year 12 students all the best for the big year ahead!