2019 Dux and VCE Results

The Thomas Carr College community is celebrating the excellent results of Graduating Class of 2019.

The College is pleased to announce that 4 students received ATAR scores of 90 and above, a total of 13 study scores of 40 and above were achieved and 5 students were awarded a VCE Baccalaureate.

This year, the Dux of the College is awarded to Theodorus Goenawan, who achieved an ATAR of 98.2. This year Theodorus received study scores of 40 and above in English (46) and Indonesian (44). He also received a study score of 47 as a Year 11 student in 2018 in Business Management. These results put Theodorus amongst the in the top 2% of students in the state.

The Dux Proximus for 2019 is Christopher Moran. Christopher received an ATAR of 94.1 and a 40+ study score of 46 in Psychology. Earlier this year, Christopher was awarded the 2020 Melbourne Principals’ Scholarship for the University of Melbourne. The Melbourne Principals’ Scholarship is awarded to Victorian Year 12 students in recognition of academic achievement and contribution to their school and/or wider community.

Congratulations also go to Hannah Spratling, who achieved an ATAR of 93.85 and Nathan Lazarevski, who achieved 92.25.

It is also important to recognise those students who earned a VCE Baccalaureate in 2019. To earn VCE Baccalaureate students must meet a minimum study score of 30 in English, study either Maths Methods or Specialist Mathematics, study a second language and at least two other VCE subjects. This year, 5 Thomas Carr Students earnt a VCE Baccalaureate. Congratulations to Theodorus Goenawan, Julia Scrofani, Abigial Pabelo, Maria-Francheska Bayta and Michelle Diep for this outstanding achievement.

The Thomas Carr College community is extremely proud of the overall results of all students from this year’s cohort. The College is pleased to advise that 33.81% of students successfully received in ATAR of 70+ in 2019. This shows an increase of 9.74% in the last three years. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students at Thomas Carr College and the teachers who support them.

Thomas Carr College would like to again congratulate the graduating class of 2019 for their outstanding results. The College wishes each and every student the best of luck for all of their future endeavors.