Pastoral Care

At Thomas Carr College we believe wellbeing is a vital component of all that we do. We expect our senior students to be responsible and to take responsibility. In these important years, we strive to foster and encourage independence in thinking, a commitment to the community, and excitement for knowledge and learning, in a supportive and enriching environment. Schools are communities and our students contribute to a unique, learning, Catholic Community


Our Pastoral Care program continues to build on the themes of Healthy relationships and Life styles, Effective leaning techniques and Resilience and to further examine issues relating to personal and community wellbeing. Students who are mentally and physically well are optimistic and can engage fully with life. They have a sense of purpose and of self-acceptance, while demonstrating resilience as well as the capacity to form sustained, positive relationships. Research indicates that young people’s wellbeing – and hence their ability to learn effectively – is enhanced when they are strongly connected to their school. The continued implementation of the Restorative Practices model of Behavioural Management within the College has emphasised the connections between student wellbeing and student learning.

Thomas Carr College places a strong emphasis on the individual student's development and growth as a person. Parents and students are encouraged to utilize the resources provided by the College for assistance and support in achieving shared objectives in both the academic and co-curricular life of the school. The College has three Student Counsellors who can assist students with problems that affect their study and/or of a personal nature.
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The personal welfare of each student lies first with the homeroom teacher and their respective Year Level Co-ordinators who have primary responsibility for the daily administration of their year level. The Head of Senior School or the Student Wellbeing Department may also be approached directly.

The pastoral care program is delivered to the students by their Homeroom teacher. They work closely with the Year level Co-ordinators and Head of Senior School.

The Pastoral Care Themes include:

  • Healthy Relationships (cyber, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, same sex relationships, Annual Safety Survey, conflict resolution, social emotional intelligence )
  • Being effective learners (time management, study skills, examination preparation)
  • Healthy lifestyles (safe partying, drugs, alcohol, smoking, mental health, physical health, Driver education)
  •  Resilience (stress management, loss and grief, developing resilience)
  • Pathways/Careers (careers, subject selection, Career Expos, ambition, leadership)

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