College Sacramental Program – ‘The flame of faith’

20 October 2014 | General Interest

Sacramental Program
Fr. Jude Pirotta and Tate Blackhurst

Our College Sacramental Formation Program has successfully run throughout our Pentecost Term concluding on Tuesday 24 June 2014. Preparation to receive one or more of these sacraments is a very important step in the life of a person. Therefore, the Sacramental Program at Thomas Carr College has played an important role in the lives of each of the 11 students who have entered into this journey Emma Quinn (7 Sliver); Tate Blackhurst (9 Purple); Michael Saligari (9 Jade); Jonathan Saligari (7 Silver); Ebonie Ganley (7 Sliver); Joel Goullet (7 Red); Olivia Wait (7 Sliver); Brandon Hermanto (9 White) and Olivia Helena (7 Blue)

The final session involved the opportunity for reflection, evaluation and celebration through a shared luncheon. Each of the students have been most faithful in their attendance and active in each of the sessions through prayer, discussion and reflection. The students were also fortunate to be able to join the students of St. James’ and St. Francis for their Reflection Day on Friday 2 May. This provided the opportunity for the students to meet Bishop Long and listen to his catechetical lesson on the Sacrament of Confirmation.

On Sunday 17 August at St Peters Parish and Sunday 12 October at St James Parish our students celebrated the Sacrament of Baptism and First Communion. Both were truly joyous occasions and a fitting conclusion to the Sacramental Formation Program this year.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our College Chaplain Mr Larry Burn for all his work in this program; his time, commitment, planning and liaising with our parishes.