Year 10 Reflection Day - ‘Valuing Myself and Others’

16 October 2014 | General Interest

Yr 10 Reflection

Each year during the Advent Term, Year 10 students cover a unit called ‘Healthy Relationships’ within their Religious Education Program. The unit has successfully been part of the program for the past seven years.

Students learn the rights and responsibilities within positive relationships and issues associated with sexuality. This provides a very clear moral framework and perspective for our students. To set a context and foundation to this unit we invite annual guest speakers to facilitate a reflection day.

This year on Friday 10 October we had ‘Your Choicez’ who delivered gender workshops for the first half of the day, followed by a whole group afternoon session from the Youth Ministries Team (YMT). All facilitators are extremely supportive and reflective in both content and their approach to Catholic sexuality formation. Through the gender workshops, David and Katie Kobler discussed issues such as media and marketing impact, poor relationship and sexual decision-making, the impact of sexting, lack of male and female role models and more. The afternoon followed with a compelling and interactive session with a powerful combination of contemporary drama, multimedia, games, music, reflection activities and personal sharing. The gift of our sexuality is priceless and given to all by God. To conclude such a valuable day students gathered for a candle ritual where they could pray and light a candle.

 Yr 10 Reflection