Father's Day Mass and Breakfast

8 September 2014 | General Interest

On Friday 5 September, we celebrated a lovely morning Mass for Father’s Day.  This was such a good time to pause to appreciate a unique person that God has put into our lives – our father. This includes our personal fathers, grandfathers, single parent fathers, and children or brothers who are fathers.

There is no ‘right’ way of showing appreciation of one’s father and it certainly it doesn’t have to stop with Father’s Day. We can continue to thank and affirm our father for his fatherhood – on his birthday, his feast day, or even better spontaneously when they least expect it. A simple thanks or I love you will always have a place in the heart of your father.

Our liturgy included lots of willing volunteers; teachers, support staff, parents and students playing an active role and our celebrations continued after Mass with a shared breakfast. My hope is that through celebrating special occasions like this will encourage our College community to grow in awareness of fatherhood but more importantly strengthen our positive partnerships with our families.