Reflection Day for Year 9

22 August 2014 | General Interest

Year 9 Reflection Day – ‘Living the Gospel of Love and Justice’

Our recent Year 9 Reflection Day was powerful and moving. Chris Doyle from Karis Ministries made inspirational and unique connections with our students, those who would normally sit back were brought forward to share their message of hope to their peers. There were no barriers, they were a complete unified group, comfortable to sing, laugh and join in.

Chris certainly has an amazing foundation of qualities and can communicate and motivate our students to rise up to a higher level. His triumphant message inspired our students to take advantage of life’s opportunities.

He shared his true-life trials and triumphs and encouraged our students to overcome adversity and fear, to cultivate responsibility, drive, focus, and the courage to take action.

The active participation of our Year 9 students that attended, were truly touched in some way by this inspiring, educational and faith filled day. It certainly allowed opportunities for self-discovery not only for students but for us as teachers. This was affirmed through our post-evaluation surveys.

Chris’ heartfelt message of love and justice teaches us so much about integrity and to look for further ways to reflect the signs of God’s work. We look forward to Chris joining us once again in 2015 on Wednesday 12 August.

Anne Berardinelli
Director of Catholic Identity