High School Spoof-ical

15 August 2014 | General Interest

 "The posters have been delivered and will go up around the town, and the graphics are being prepared to produce a stunning program. Its always exciting when things start to come together" said Director Mr Michael Dalley. "The cast and crew are working very hard - its going to be a great show" he said.

High School Spoof-ical

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What's it about ? - here is a short synopsis...

Welcome to Sweet Valley High, a perfect world of perfect teens.
It’s an all-American school full of every clique imaginable – jocks, cheerleaders, eggheads,
emos, homies and even redneck yokels!
Meet Zak Teflon and Vanessa Huggins, two spotless little angels who are planning to unleash their extraordinary talents upon the high school musical. But when a redheaded exchange student named Rufus arrives on campus, things suddenly become terribly undisneyfied. With an upcoming visit from the American President, can egghead Scarlett save the day and recapture the Disney spirit?

It’s a musical phenomenon filled with romance, magic, and godawful singing!
It’s High School Spoof-ical!