Kayaking on Lake Colac

12 August 2014 | General Interest

"Learning new skills at the Good Samaritan County Campus is what it is all about" said Dr Watson.

Courtesy of the Colac Herald.

"Werribee students are taking advantage of Lake Colac during a two-week stay in the Colac district". The Year 9 students from Thomas Carr College, a Catholic school at Tarneit, are the second group from the school to stay at the school's Good Samaritan campus.

The campus is a newly refurbished former Good Samaritan Convent at Coragulac, 15k north of Colac. Principal Andrew Watson said the 21 students participated in kayaking on Lake Colac as part of their outdoor education program.

"They've also done some mountain bike riding and will do a hike through the Otways along the Great Ocean Walk from Johanna beach" Dr Watson said.  They have assisted in programs at St. Brendan's Primary School and have done some tree planting in the Coragulac area" he said

"The College's Good Samaritan campus had an officially cermony to open the site on Sunday 3 August 2014.  Bishop Paul Bired officiated and we had most of coragulac there as well together with a number of the Good Samaritan sisters who were able to make it" he said.

kayaking on Lake Colac