Fundraising - baked goods for Project Compassion 2014

22 April 2014 | General Interest

At the end of last term 11 Silver  worked tirelessly to prepare baked goods for Project Compassion 2014. The Homeroom initiated the idea through an in school competition with a neighbouring Homeroom, 11 Gold. Determined to be the best fundraisers in the College, 11 Silver made a delicious selection of cupcakes, including nutella, peanut butter, oreo and choc-chip. But they didn’t stop there, going on to make non-alcoholic rum balls, brownies and delightful honey joys.

The girls who were in charge of the baking were Jacqueline O'Brien, Shanice Nagy, Cassandra Farrugia, Emily Falduto and Kayla Tiricola. Not only did they bake up a storm, but these students promoted the Bake Sale to the middle school homerooms, they placed posters around the school and they ensured the quality of their produce was of a top standard. Miss Serlock their Homeroom teacher  could not have been more proud of a respectful, good natured and proactive group of students. Alone, these girls raised in excess of $300 for people from all over the world and Australia who desperately need financial help. "The school can look forward to more of these initiatives from an amazing cohort of contemporary learners" said Miss Sherlock.

 fundraising - cupcakescupcakesfundraising - cupcakes