Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral

21 March 2014 | General Interest

On Thursday 20 March, our Liturgy Captains, student volunteers, Mr Gorzkowski and Mr Burn represented the College at the St Patrick’s School’s Mass. They were accompanied by our neighbouring primary schools; St James and St Francis of Assisi with whom Thomas Carr College has formed a very positive partnership over the years.

This day was a uniting experience for all the Catholic schools in Victoria creating a great sense of community, reflection and celebration. The Mass featured our College Choir, a procession of students carrying their school banners and extensive student involvement in the readings and offertory procession. Following  Mass students were invited to continue the celebrations at Treasury Gardens where a concert was held providing fun and entertainment. Our afternoon concluded with a visit to a Catholic Education Week Visual Art’s Exhibition at the Catholic Leadership Centre displaying a collection of student work through posters, photo and other art forms.

May we continue to reflect on the gift of grace which helps us to know God better, we pray that we continue to maximise opportunities to proclaim our Catholic identity, celebrate our faith tradition, host and participate in activities which build a sense of community and actively promote Catholic education.