Bishop Mark Edwards Visit

10 February 2017 | General Interest

On Monday February 28 and Wednesday March 1, Thomas Carr will gather as a school community and celebrate Mass to mark the beginning of the 2017 school year. The Bishop for the Western Region, Mark Edwards has accepted the invitation from Dr Watson to celebrate our Commencement Mass.

On Friday February 10 2017, Bishop Mark Edwards visited the Thomas Carr to meet with Dr Watson along with staff and students of Thomas Carr to get know the College community better. Throughout the course of the day, Bishop Mark enjoyed morning tea with staff, attended a luncheon for students who achieved 90 plus in their Semesters 2 Examinations last year as well as visited a number of classes across a variety of year levels and subjects.

As a former Mathematics teacher, Bishop Mark particularly embraced his visit to a Year 11 Maths Methods class, where he fronted the classroom to teach the students about trigonometry and Pythagoras’s theorem.

Bishop Mark took this visit as an opportunity to understand the values of Thomas Carr College and to forge connections with both the staff and the students before returning to celebrate Eucharist with the College community.