A Night to Shine

13 October 2016 | General Interest

On Thursday October 13 the College community gathered at Encore Events Centre, to recognise and celebrate the achievement of over 200 students during the course of 2016. It was a wonderful evening which showcased the immense talent that Thomas Carr College continues to produce. For a full list of award winners see below.


The most prestigious award of the night was saved for the end of proceedings with the much vaunted Thomas Carr Prize going to 2016 College Vice Captain Thomas Duxson a very popular winner. Principal Dr Andrew Watson spoke glowingly of the one of Thomas Carr College's favourite sons:

"Thomas has shown great commitment to the College over the last 6 years. Highly reliable, he has always been willing to give of his time to assist others whenever possible. He shows dedication and commitment to his studies and this is demonstrated in his academic results. He has represented the College at a number of events, including at our Good Samaritan Campus at Cooragulac and at the Malaya and Borneo Veterans Day Services: he carried the banner for them in the Anzac Day march this year. As a member of the SRC Executive this year, he has been a valuable contributor to the decisions made by this student body. His sporting contribution is comprehensive and involves active participation in all House sporting carnivals, and membership of ACS teams from Years 7-12 in Cricket and Year 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 Football. He has been selected for the Cricket All Stars in Years 10, 11 and 12 and this year was awarded ‘Best and Fairest” for his football and also selected as a Football All Star. Thomas articulates a high set of Christian values and this is demonstrated in the supportive role that he offers to other College leaders, the staff and the community at large. He has been an exemplary role model for his peers and our younger students."


Year 7 Academic Achievement Awards

Drama: Teal Kiddier, Jayden Dashwood

English: Thea Ty, Nathan Beck

Food Technology: Dinushi Bombuwelage, Don Marco Bozovic

Health & Physical Education: Jamie Farrales, Sharon Shaju

Humanities: Alana Prathapasinghe, Jimmy Lin

Indonesian: Nikita Jayachandran, Jimmy Lin

Italian: Alana Prathapasinghe, Matias Gonzalez

Mathematics: Nikita Jayachandran, Jimmy Lin

Music: Mia Bellet, Matthew Alaelua

Religious Education: Jehscy Sotelo, Jake Camilleri

Science: Claudia Xerri, Jimmy Lin Visual

Arts: Jemma Poole, Lochlainn Ruffles

Wood Technology: Olivia Berlinski, Sharon Shaju

Pursuit of Excellence Awards: Jayden Dashwood & Jemma Poole


Year 8 Academic Achievement Awards

Digital Technology: Chelsea Dennis, Calvin Opini

Drama: Amy Quick, Jarrod Glossa

English: Annabelle Russell, Callum De Pasquale

Health & Physical Education: Rebekah Sutton, Nathan Ferdinands

Humanities: Amy Virgona, Callum De Pasquale

Indonesian: Leah Brko-Edwards, Angel Mastos

Italian: Amy Virgona, Liam Simic

Mathematics: Claudia Xin Yee Fam, Michael Alexander Lapina

Music: Amelia Bosiljevac, Michael Alexander Lapina

Religious Education: Vanessa Okorum, Samuel Hadera

Science: Amy Virgona, Harrison Thorpe

Textiles: Tina Ly, Angel Mastos

Visual Arts: Ashleigh Koropekyj, Meen Marial

Pursuit of Excellence Awards: Callum De Pasquale & Amy Virgona


Year 9 Academic Achievement Awards

Communication: Cassandra Cremona, John Ruelo

Investigation: Michelle Park, Jett Mathews

Personal Development: Monique Fegan, Noah Allen

Physical Education: Kaylee Sidwell, Rohan Matthews

Religious Education: Drashti Shah, Liam Abergos

Animal Care and Training: Sarah Nguyen

Art Forms: Hannah Spratling

At The Movies: Sarah Sigismondi

Bush Tucker-Food for the Outdoors: Jasmine Wilson

Character Design: Bertwin Gomaz

Creative Textiles: Lauren Costa

Electronics and Plastics in Design: Christopher Moran

Fashion Design and Construction: Tara Mallet

Game On: Jett Mathews

Human Body: Rachael Kebede

Italian: Drashti Shah

Japanese: Nivahangma Limbu

Music: Olivia Helena

Performing Arts: Maddison Bratby

Product Design Technology (Wood Metal Plastic): Emma Aquilina

Studio Art Practices (Photography): Robin Boueri

T Store Branding: Annika Knight

Pursuit of Excellence Awards: Jaspher Luke Duma & Drashti Shah


Year 10 Academic Achievement Awards

English: Sian Donozzan, Adarsh Ram

Mathematics: Kerry Wang, Adarsh Ram

Health and Physical Education: Rahwa Berhane, Ricky Xerri

Religious Education: Sian Donazzon, Kirubel Mengistu

Art 2D: Ariel Russell

Art 3D: Tayla Eckley

Commerce-Accounting & Legal Studies: Rudo Manomano

Commerce-Business & Economics: Adarsh Ram

Drama (Devised Performance): Tara Hume

Food Technology (Healthy Fast Food): Ebony Farrugia

Forensic Psychology: Ricky Xerri

Information Technology (2D Game Design): Zara Gibson

Information Technology (Websites & Databases): Mevan Fernando

Geography (Demographics & Population): Kerry Wang

Health & Human Development (Social Health): Blake Barber

History (American Revolution): Holly Grech

History (World War II): Sian Donazzon

Human Movement (Energy Systems, Training Principles & Methods): Lara Loschiavo

Human Movement (The Human Body): Paris Ballan

Indonesian: Maria Okorom

Italian: Kerry Wang

Japanese: Julie Lloyd

Music (Solo Performance): Myan Roque

Science (Biological & Chemical): Mark O’Brien

Science (Physical & Space): Adarsh Ram

Studio Arts (Analogue Photography): Keely Diczku

Studio Arts (Digital Photography): Nieve Walton

Small Business: Myan Roque

Textiles (The Sixties Shift Dress): Christine Castillo

Textiles (Corset Couture): Alek Mathiang

Visual Communication & Design (Space & Architecture): Chin Kwong

Visual Communication & Design (Product Design): Zoe Conroy Knowles

VET: Cert 1 Employment Pathways: Laura Mallia

Wood Technology (Wood Joints & Power Tools): Natalie Barry

Unit 1/2 Biology: Ashley Prasad

Unit 1/2 Business Management: Yohannes Michael

Unit 1/2 Information Technology: Adam Virgona

Unit 1/2 Legal Studies: Zara Gibson

Pursuit of Excellence Awards: Adarsh Ram & Julie Lloyd


Year 11 Academic Achievement Awards

Accounting :Bethlehem Ayano

Art: Mia Di Marco

Chemistry: Emily Bradley

Economics: Antonia Muscat

English: Emily Bradley

Geography: Erin Sidwell

Health & Human Development: Barbara Hodnik

History (20th Century): Monique Tran

Indonesian: Emily Bradley

Italian: Monique Tran

Japanese: Brandon Hermanto

Literature: Erin Sidwell

Mathematical Methods: Dion Gulizia

Mathematics (General): Ruyue Peng

Mathematics (Specialist): Ruyue Peng

Physical Education: Joshua Moran

Physics: Dion Gulizia

Product Design & Technology (Textiles): Kayla Mallon

Product Design & Technology (Wood): Daniel Skinner

Psychology: Erin Sidwell

Religious Education (School Based): Chantal Morales

Religion & Society: Natalie Lazarevski

Studio Arts: Mia Di Marco

Unit 3/4 Biology: Emily Bradley

Year 11 VCAL Certificate: Intermediate Andrew Kenny

Pursuit of Excellence Award - The Clinton Beasley Memorial Bursary: Antonia Muscat

Thomas Carr College Music Bursary

Middle School: Leon Varela Mauna

Senior School: Brandon Hermanto

Year 7-Year 11 College Service Awards

Year 7: Ayden Micallef & Lilly Mercieca

Year 8: Jarrod Glossa & Amy Virgona

Year 9: Michael Lapina & Michelle Park

Year 10: Mark O’Brien & Sian Donazzon

Year 11: Lachlan Thorpe

Year 7, 8, 9 & 11 Leadership Awards

Year 7: Liam Morgan & Stefanie Zafiris

Year 8: Callum De Pasquale & Alexandra Lopes

Year 9: James Mallia & Drashti Shah

Year 11: Chelsea Haber

Year 10 and Year 12 ADF Leadership & Teamwork Awards

Year 10: Zara Gibson

Year 12: Amy Bongetti

Pierre de Coubertin Award Year 11: Marko Vekic

ACS Awards

Year 11: Alexie Barlow

Year 12: Campbell Barlow


Year 12 Academic Achievement Awards

Accounting: Christopher Lear

ACU (Education): Thomas Duxson

ACU (Nursing): Ally Wilson

Business Management: Ben Thomas

Chemistry: Michael Lloyd

Drama: Lauren Furian

Economics: Theresa Nguyen

English: Michael Lloyd

Further Mathematics: Christopher Lear

Geography: Jordan Depetro

Health & Human Development: Danielle Galea

History Revolutions: Emily Reeves

Indonesian: Christopher Lear

Legal Studies: Luke Gleeson

Literature: Danieka De Pasquale

Mathematical Methods: Michael Lloyd

Physical Education: Danieka De Pasquale

Physics: Michael Lloyd

Product Design & Technology (Textiles): Caterina Sottile

Psychology: Alishe Bala

Religion & Society: Jasmine Goullet

Religious Education (School Based) : Amy Bongetti

Specialist Mathematics: Michael Lloyd

Studio Arts: Jasmin Mathews

Visual Communication & Design: Caterina Sottile

Year 12 VCAL Certificate: Senior Robert Sheahan

Pursuit of Excellence - The Heath Ryan Memorial Bursary: Michael Lloyd

Caltex All Rounder:  Alishe Bala

Bruce Runnalls Spiritual Life Award: Austin Deppeler

Thomas Carr Prize: Thomas Duxson