Standing in Solidarity

2 September 2016 | General Interest

On Friday September 2 in solidarity with other Catholic schools around the country, Thomas Carr College staff and students stood in circle of silence in front of the Bruce Runnalls Building to express support for refugees and people seeking asylum.

Austin Deppeler, the President of the College Vinnies Conference, read ‘We are standing to recognise the injustices faced by people caught up in Australia’s immigration detention system.”
Luke Gleeson, College Captain, continued “We believe people seeking asylum should be treated compassionately and humanely, as we would want to be treated.”

After 10 minutes of silence, the advocates to asylum seekers marched toward the College Chapel to sign the Petition addressed to the Turnbull government to be more compassionate and merciful and to speed up the process that enables people to rebuild their lives. The advocates then joined in the Adoration inside the chapel, concluding the day of prayer and action for those who are voiceless and helpless.