Catholic Education Week Celebrations

18 March 2016 | General Interest


Catholic Education Week captures the ‘spirit’ of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy and provided the opportunity for all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne to celebrate our Catholic identity with our merciful father watching over us. We were encouraged to join in the large events organised by Catholic Education Office; the St Patrick’s Mass for Schools, Concert in the Park, the Young Speakers Colloquium and the Art Show as well as celebrating within our College and parish community.





We decorated the St James Church Narthex for the week alongside our primary schools St James the Apostle, St Francis of Assisi and St Clare’s. This was a wonderful opportunity to showcase some of the highlights of this week accompanied with mercy images, quotes and student reflections on what it means to ‘be the face of mercy’. This was also mirrored back at College with a smaller display in our Information Centre and our Staff Common Room including an ‘opening doors’ display from around the world, a life size card board cut out of Pope Francis and a Year of Mercy candle.

Our RE classes also took undertook an activity based on the theme of ‘Be the Face of Mercy’; inviting students to ponder on the question, ‘How have you been the face of mercy for someone this term?’ Students wrote their responses on a post-it note or small piece of coloured paper which was collected to display on our Catholic Identity Board.

Fifteen of our staff attended an ‘A Spirit of Mercy’ Yoga class on Wednesday March 16 to initiate deep relaxation of the body and mind. It is a great way to unwind from a busy day and take time to reflect on the challenge Pope Francis calls upon us – to be people of love, compassion and forgiveness. Staff were also presented staff with a gift for Catholic Education Week; a mercy prayer resource book.

We also hosted student and staff quizzes, fundraisers such as a bake sales and a Fish n Chip Friday Lunch. All proceeds were donated to Project Compassion Lenten Appeal.

A highlight of the week was joining together for a Thanksgiving Eucharist on Friday March 18. It was an opportunity for all our College community and St James parishioners to gather to celebrate Catholic Education Week with Fr Jude and a visiting priest from Kenya, Fr Augustine. We took time out to remember the needs of all those in Catholic schools in the Archdiocese, trusting in the grace of God and helping us to recall the focus of our work. I thank all who came along to pray for us in this year, that we too will grow ever more convinced of God’s mercy, and more committed to building God’s kingdom

 “For me, Catholic Education is about being exposed to learn the good news of the Lord. Being with those that will help you spread the word and are always passionate to do so whether it be in action, verbally or even being a great example for others. Some of those examples could be like becoming a Liturgy Captain.

Being in a Catholic school also really helps with Catholic Education. Our learning in religion gives me a deeper understanding of my faith. My parents are very faithful in their belief and they also help me understand my religion better.'  Year 8 Blue Liturgy Captain

“Catholic identity always reflects towards my faith. I can show my faith in many ways at school, church and in our community. Becoming Liturgy Captain helped me explore my Catholic faith even more. I may have earned a badge and a tittle as Liturgy Captain but I am sure this experience will show me a path to my future as a Catholic.

Catholic Education Week is another way to help me and my peers explore even more about our Catholic Identity. I look forward to Catholic Education Week and hope that myself, peers, teachers and staff learn a bit more about their faith each day, and go on to teach others of their knowledge.” Natasha Smith, Year 8 Red Liturgy Captain.