Gourd Art for Feast of the Assumption

15 August 2013 | General Interest

What is a gourd? A gourd is a hollow, dried out shell of the plant family, Cucurbitaceous and can include crops such as pumpkins, squash and melons. Numerous hydrated, hollow shells were pre-painted white with a black outline of the Blessed Virgin Mary and child.

Staff and several other Catholic schools, including Emmanuel College, Mount Saint Joseph Girls’ College, Assumption College and Marymede Catholic College, carefully selected a gorgeous gourd. Our Art instructor, Chris, set the scene as John Denver’s, ‘Annie’s Song’ played quietly in the background on the CD player, to help ‘fill up our senses’. Our senses were further stimulated as artists’ impressions of Mary were projected on the big screen; tasty tidbits were consumed and we longed to begin passionately painting our gourds!

This session coincided with the ‘Feast of the Assumption of Mary’. The gourd is synonymously referred to as an ‘empty vessel’ and as the white spaces on the gourds slowly disappeared and were replaced with big, bright, colourful creations,  it was a timely reminder that so too are we all empty vessels waiting to be nurtured and filled by Mary’s love and daily presence in our lives.