Annual Vinnies Winter Sleep Out

15 August 2013 | General Interest

The evening began with an opening prayer, speeches from staff members and presentations from St Vincent de Paul to promote awareness of the prevalence of homelessness. Donations of a winter item like as a jacket, blanket or non-perishable food were donated by each participant of the Sleep Out. These items will be donated to Vinnies to help those in need during the winter months.

The activities held were shelter building, a poverty game, trivia and sardines (backwards hide and seek). For dinner we ate soup, bread rolls and sausages from a makeshift soup van.

As everyone was laying in their sleeping bags on the cold, hard gym floor, a film relating to homelessness was shown. This was the time when we were encouraged to think about how it would feel to be homeless every night, with no house to sleep in and no one to come home to.

On Saturday morning there was a closing ceremony to conclude the Sleep Out. Personal pledges were made to help prevent the issue of homelessness in society today.

We learnt a lot of information about homelessness but more importantly raised this confronting issue facing society each and every day.


Written by Elyse Haddad, Year 11