'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

4 June 2013 | General Interest

Congratulations to our students and staff for their wonderful performance of Sheakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Over three nights, our students did themselves and the College proud - they truly did Shine!

Cast List
The Athenians
Theseus, Duke of Athens - Liam Cameron Smith
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons - Caitlin Jerkovic
Philostrate, Master of Revels - Bradley Bennett
Egeus, Father of Hermia - Darian Nyholt
Hermia - Shaelyn Camilleri
Helena - Monique Faraj
Lysander - Austin Deppeler
Demetrius - Nelson Decorrado

The Fairies
Oberon, King of the Fairies - Sean Mangio
Titania - Agatha Zukowski
Robin Goodfellow/Puck - Callum Yardley
Peaseblossom (Fairy servant) - Jacinta Williams
Cobweb (Fairy servant) - Jessica Gleeson
Mote (Fairy servant) - Kaitlin Godden
Mustardseed (Fairy servant) - Barbara Hodnik
First fairy - Alexandra Shaw
Second fairy - Amy Roulston

The Mechanicals
Peter Quince - Jackson Addicoat
Nick Bottom (Pyramus) - Nathan Guljas
Francis Flute (Thisbe) - Luke Gleeson
Robin Starveling (Moonshine) - Brock Bicket
Tom Snout (Tinker) - Breanne Lambert
Snug (Lion) - Connor Graham

Fairy Attendants
Lance Saldana, Chellsea Espinosa, Raven Cisternas, Mevan Fernando, Dave Rubite, Shannon Hume, Bailee Vilcins, Madison Ebejer, Abby McDonald

Wedding guests/waiters
Jake Kougioumtzis, Sam Hawkwood, Jack Smith, Austin Deppeler, Luke Gleeson, Jasmine Matthews, Shelby Stannard

Johnathon Cusmano

Myan Roque, Cayley Turnbull, James Brasher, Alexander Morizzi, Alex Oakes, Heather Barlow, Cora Quinn, Oliver de los Reyes, Jonathan Annear

Events like this cannot happen or be as successful as this production was without the hard work and commitment of many people. Many thanks to the following staff who took on the myriad of tasks that such as event generates: Ms Yokouchi, Mrs Banks, Mrs Tyrrell, Mrs Argus, Ms Sherlock, Ms Alphonso, Ms Atwood, Ms Machado, Mrs O’Sullivan, Mrs Cox, Mrs Singh, Mr Cathcart, Mrs Renehan, Mr Robertson and Mrs Mercieca.

Special thanks to Ms Grujovski, the Wardrobe Co-ordinator and Mr Allen, the Stage Manager. In particular, we thank Mr Dalley, the Director and Producer.

We thank all the parents, students and friends who came along to the performances to support this event.