2012 Liturgy and Social Justice Captains

31 August 2012 | General Interest

The Liturgy Captains will work closely with our Liturgy Co-ordinator Mr Gorzkowski in organising various liturgical celebrations, ceremonies and events to develop a great sense of Catholic Identity within the College community. They are:

• Jessica Cassar
• Emily Reeves
• Elyse Haddad
• Chloe Adriano
• Salvatore Farfalla
• Jennifer Reuter

The Social Justice Captains will work closely with our Social Justice Co-ordinator Ms Bradshaw in publishing and promoting justice issues throughout the College community, in the spirit of the Gospel. First and foremost, Social Justice Captains bring light to the issues affecting our society and demonstrating Catholic principles of equality, compassion and service to others.

As we work closely with St Vincent de Paul through with Catholic Secondary Social Justice Groups, our selected students will also be referred to as ‘Young Vinnies’. They are:

• Michael Lloyd
• Alex Oakes
• Austin Deppeler
• Stephanie Burgio
• Nicola Pomella
• Daniel Barry
• Katherine Deppeler

These captains will meet fortnightly with their respective Co-ordinator and once a term, both teams will join together. We look forward to hearing from our students on how we can further develop and enhance the Catholic Identity of our College.