Wyndham Mayoral Youth Leadership Award

26 November 2015 | General Interest

Congratulations to Emily O’Connor (2015 College Vice Captain) who has been awarded a Wyndham Mayoral Youth Leadership Award. This award is a program operated by Wyndham City that recognises and rewards the diverse range of personal and community achievements of young people and assists them to reach their goals. Emily received her certificate and cheque at Wyndham Civic Centre on Monday November 23.

It was an honour to be chosen for this award. Many thanks go to the Wyndham City Council for providing this opportunity to recognise the efforts of many young people in the community. I’d like to thank, in particular, my year 12 co-ordinators Mr Hall and Ms Goodman for encouraging me to apply for this grant. Initially I thought I would have no chance, but the leadership positions I have held at Thomas Carr College placed me favourably to be recognised.” said Emily .

Emily O'Connor