Congratulations to our 2016 College Captains

23 September 2015 | General Interest

Amy Bongetti Luke Gleeson

Amy Bongetti and Luke Gleeson 2016 College Captains

Congratulations to Amy Bongetti and Luke Gleeson who have been appointed College Captains for 2016 and to Emily Reeves and Thomas Duxson as College Vice Captains.

Each of these students have demonstrated over many years, qualities of good leaders, a commitment to the College, a preparedness to contribute positively to the life of the school and willingness to engender school spirit.

Each of these students along with a number of other Year 11 students completed a formal application, participated in an interview with senior members of staff and were prepared to speak in front of their peers before both students and staff cast their votes. 

Emily Reeves Thomas Duxson

Emily Reeves and Thomas Duxson 2016 College Vice Captains