Graduating Class of 2005 10 Year Reunion

14 September 2015 | General Interest

On Friday August 28 the Graduating Class of 2005 arrived back at the College to catch up with classmates and their Principal Paul D'Astoli for their 10 Year Reunion.  The College hosted the event in the College Dining room located next to Food Tech.  So many past students from the Class of 2005 turned up making this the best ever 10 Year Reunion. A tour of the campus showed them just how large the school had become and how the facilities had improved compared to when they attended more than 10 years ago. 

It was a  thoroughly enjoyable night and we hope that now they have  re-established their ties with the College, they will stay connected via the 'Old Collegians' network. 2005 10 Year Reunion

2005 10 Year reunion

2005 10 Year Reunion2005 10 Year Reunion