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12 August 2015 | General Interest

 Vinnies Conference

On Monday 10 August, Thomas Carr College hosted the Vinnies School Festival Gathering. Students from four other Catholic schools in Melbourne West, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Marian College, Salesian College and Catholic Regional College St Albans,  who are passionate about making a difference in our society, came together to discuss ways of putting their faith into action and to develop ways in which they, as young Australians, can create change.

The Vinnies School Festival Gathering was a great way to learn about issues in our society. We learned that we often make assumptions, and that often these assumptions are untrue. The St Vincent de Paul Society Officers, Cheyne and Michael really inspired and encouraged us all to seek knowledge and understanding about issues within our society and to find ways in which we can make a real difference. The day also reminded us all of how fortunate we are to not only be living comfortably, but to also be able to help people in need. Every single one of us has the resources, support and potential to make a difference within our community, so why don’t we?
Written by Emily Bradley, Year 10 Social Justice Captain

Sessions,  workshops and prayer throughout the day were led by members from the St Vincent de Paul Society. To learn more about homelessness and making a change, head to

Thank you for the commitment and dedication of our College Vinnies Conference members who helped make the day a success; Austin Deppeler, Luke Gleeson, Lina Umberto-Adriano, Emily Bradley, Julie Lloyd, Kerry Wang, and Laura Mallia.

Vinnies Gathering

 Vinnies Conference Vinnies Conference