Ash Wednesday and Project Compassion Appeal 2016

11 February 2016 | General Interest

Our Lenten Season has certain fallen upon us very early this term where we celebrated Ash Wednesday on Wednesday February 10. On this occasion, we celebrated a half hour whole school liturgy over our PA system. Our entire College community students, teaching and support staff were invited to stop as one united community to pray, reflect and reawaken our conscience to enter more deeply into the heart of the Gospel to experience God’s mercy.

Lent is a gift that the Church in her wisdom celebrates every year. It is a gift of time, a gift of contemplation, and a gift of quiet so that we may listen to the Word, who whispers to us to come back to the God who created us. It encourages us to turn away from the noise and all that we over indulge in so that we may understand the hunger that can be filled with the mercy of God only by praying, fasting, and giving to the poor (giving alms).

In speaking of giving alms, what makes our Ash Wednesday Liturgy even more special is that it coincides with the beginning of the annual Caritas Australia Project Compassion appeal. Along with all other Catholic Schools we welcome Project Compassion marking 50 years of service.

Our liturgy was a time for us to stop to recognise our failings, a time to connect with the suffering of others but more importantly a time to reflect on how we can be people of mercy. We were encouraged to open our hearts as we listened to the Gospel of Mathew, who spoke to us of prayer, fasting and almsgiving linking in with the Project Compassion Appeal.

Our liturgy introduced the six feature stories for the six weeks of Lent demonstrating how education, training and sharing knowledge empowers individuals and communities to transform their futures and create lasting change. Students also viewed the Project Compassion Introduction Video and were issued with a Project Compassion Fundraising Pack.

So as we celebrated this occasion with a cross signed upon our foreheads we prayed that the word of God be in our mind, on our lips, and in our hearts. Receiving the ashes as a member of this College community helps us recognise that we are an important part of the Catholic community and are united with the Church in its Lenten preparation and commitment to the Project Compassion Appeal in its 50 year of service.