Students Serving the Community at Ozanam House

30 April 2015 | General Interest

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Our College emblem is always presented with ‘They Will Shine’ underneath it. This motto is a constant reminder of our Catholic foundation and the necessity for us to shine and aim to be people in our world that want to make a positive impact.


On Wednesday 29 April four Year 11 students; Amy Roulston, Rachel Attard, Emily Gorman and Brianna Vasica travelled to North Melbourne to assist with serving lunch at Ozanam Community Centre (OCC). The students served lunch to men and women who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and/or socially excluded. The girls assisted with great enthusiasm and pride.

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Assisting at OCC is part of the Year 11 Community Service Programme at Thomas Carr College. It is inspired by Catholic Social Teaching and the idea of service and working together for others. Below are a some reflections from the participating students:

“It was such a rewarding experience that I really hope to participate in again” – Rachel

“Great, rewarding experience, I had a lot of fun, something I will definitely do again” – Emily

“I have never helped marginalised people first hand before, it was a great experience and something I want to do again. The people we served food to were so grateful and polite” – Amy

What a fantastic experience. When I saw how hard some people's lives are, it made me so much more grateful for what I have” - Brianna