Year 11 Reflection Day

2 March 2015 | General Interest

Yr 11 Reflection Day
Presenters from REALtalk - Scotty, Kym and Justine

On Tuesday February 24, we invited presenters Scotty and Kym from REAL Talk to facilitate a faith filled day for our Year 11 cohort. Students together with their RE Teachers and their Year Level Coordinators covered topics from love, life, sex and personal identity. Based on Christian values and using a very personable approach Scotty and Kym able to deliver a positive message through their personal sharing, multimedia, contemporary discussion and journal time. They provided a voice of truth that deeply impacted our students and left a lasting impression.

Over the course of the day the sessions were varied from large group, homeroom based to gender workshops allowing students the opportunity not just it sit back and listen but be an active participant in the day; to be the voice.

In today’s society our students are yearning for authentic information Topics such as sex and relationships are far too important to just sweep under the carpet but rather it’s important we provide our students with research and facts to empower them to value who they are as person. Education is vital but empowerment can be truly life changing.

Yr 11 Reflection Day  Yr 11 Reflection Day