Ash Wednesday Commencement Mass

2 March 2015 | General Interest

Commencement Mass Commencement Mass 2015

On Wednesday February 18, our Regional Bishop Vincent Long celebrated our Commencement Mass. Over 50 students played an active role in our Mass witnessed by over 1200 members of our community. Our celebration opened with the Acknowledgment of the Land. The land on which we meet was the place of age old ceremonies of celebration, initiation and renewal. We reflected on the fact that Ash Wednesday and our Lenten Season, is a time when we as Catholics are invited to prepare for Easter and the coming of the risen Jesus into our life. As Catholics, we are called to enter a period of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Through receiving the ashes we acknowledge we are part of the community of Jesus,  a community that is willing to serve each other.

Ash Wednesday Mass