College Vinnies Conference Servant Leadership Day

23 February 2015 | General Interest


Nicolas Zammit, Emily Reeves,  Rebecca Henry,  Tarnah Inguanez,  Lina Simon Umberto-Adriano, Mathew Keogh,  Fiona Bennett,  Emily Bradley, Ivy Luo,  Austin Deppeler, Stephanie Vazquez, Luke Gleeson, Julie Lloyd,  Joshua Rubite,  Georgia Stavrou


On Friday February 13, Thomas Carr College hosted our Annual Servant Leadership Day. The day commenced with prayer and a tour of the Chapel paying particular focus to the decorative art glass that tells the story of our patron Archbishop Thomas Joseph Carr.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society work closely with Thomas Carr College, and the newly appointed Liturgy and Social Justice Captains, together with 3 other volunteers experienced a series of reaffirming sessions – focusing mainly on their identity as ‘Vinnies Conference’, their duties, skills and character as Servant Leaders. The Vinnies Conference sparked interest in so many ways, apart from posing with Pope Francis, positions of leadership such as President, Co-President, Secretary, Co-Secretary, Treasurer, PRs, Graphic Designers, Writer, and Time Keeper were decided, plans of action determined and worked together to establish new Social Justice initiatives that will be presented to the school community.

To conclude the day, Fr Jude Pirotta, together with Mr. Cheyne Pettit, the Young Vinnies Coordinator, commissioned 15 students as official College Vinnies Conference members. All Conference members left the day with their hearts filled with zest and hands full of tokens including their Aboriginal Prayer Stones, Conference Folio and Conference Badges.

Young Vinnies Conference