Year 7

Year 7 is an important and exciting step for students as they enter their first year of secondary schooling. The College encourages the development of students’ social skills as they are required to participate as members of a group in a number of activities.


The current Year 7 Co-ordinators are Mr Jacob Levy and Ms Lauren Arandt.

The current Year 7 Homeroom teachers are:

We have two orientation days. The first day takes place at the end of the Advent Term. On this day students tour the College, meet teachers and ask questions, learn what they will be doing in their first year, participate in structured lessons and activities and meet other students who will start with them in the following year. The second orientation day takes place during the Lenten Term at the beginning of February. On this day, students will meet their homeroom teachers and classmates and will participate in a wide range of activities and programs that will help them throughout their time at Thomas Carr College. They will go on a tour of the College and will be allocated locks and lockers.

Year 7 students attend a two-and-a-half-day camp early in the Lenten Term at the Good Samaritan Campus (GSC). The camp is another stage of transition that will provide all students with opportunities to build upon current friendships, as well as establishing new and closer bonds with students in their Homeroom.

Please refer to the table below for 2018 dates
Time of departure:                                        8.30am
Time of return:                                              Approximately 3.00pm to 3.30pm
Method of transport:                                     Bus
Departing from:                                            Thomas Carr College
Returning to:                                                Thomas Carr College

  From To
7 Blue Wednesday February 7 2018 Friday February 9 2018
7 Gold Monday February 12 2018  Wednesday February 14 2018
7 Green Wednesday February 14 2018 Friday February 16 2018
7 Jade Monday February 19 2018 Wednesday February 21 2018
7 Purple Wednesday February 21 2018 Friday February 23 2018
7 Red Monday February 26 2018 Wednesday February 28 2018
7 Silver Wednesday February 28 2018 Wednesday March 2 2018
7 White Monday March 5 2018 Wednesday March 7 2018

Yr 7 Camp Year 7
Year 7 3 Year 9
Year 7 2 Good Samaritan

Transition Program
The move from primary to secondary school is a major milestone for your child and creates big changes in their life, development and education. Secondary school is an opportunity for your child to be challenged and to develop the valuable skills they will take with them into their adult life. Leaving the familiar surroundings of primary school will be both exciting and daunting for both you and your child.

During the Lenten Term, the transition team visit the primary schools attended by enrolled students. This is a vital step in the process and gives students the opportunity to talk informally with the team to ask questions and to articulate any concerns.

A Parent Information Night (PIN) is also held at the College in October. Parents are provided with the opportunity to meet key staff at the College and are provided with information to ensure a successful transition.