The Country Experience forms part of the compulsory curriculum at Thomas Carr College. Therefore, it is expected that all students attend the Good Samaritan Campus during their allocated timeframe. Any issues relating to attendance need to be discussed in advance with the Year Level Co-ordinators in consultation with the Head of Middle School and the Good Samaritan Campus Manager.

Should a student be unable to attend the Good Samaritan Campus due to medical reasons or is taken ill at the Good Samaritan Campus, the parents need to make arrangements for the collection of the student, and a medical certificate from the treating doctor explaining clearly the reasons for the inability of your son/daughter to return to the Campus or the considerations that need to be accommodated needs to be provided to the College. A generic medical certificate is not acceptable.

Should a student be deemed unfit to return to the Good Samaritan Campus it is the responsibility of the parents to communicate this to the Good Samaritan Campus Manager and the Year Level Co-ordinators immediately. Students will not be able to return to Thomas Carr College – Tarneit Campus as all scheduled classes for their particular group are conducted at the Good Samaritan Campus.

The failure to complete the academic assignment at the Good Samaritan Campus may hinder a student’s ability to successfully complete the overall assessment task for iD9 which may result in a student receiving an ‘unsatisfactory’ grade. Failure to successfully complete a number of assessment tasks over a semester results in a student being placed on Academic Tracking.