Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the length of the Country Experience and will my child be able return home?
    The Country Experience will be for three weeks. Students will be away from Monday to Friday of each week. All students return home for the weekend. Students will be expected to remain for the week during the Country Experience, however there may be particular family circumstances that may necessitate a student returning home during the week. These circumstances will be evaluated on an individual basis.  
  2.  How will transport be organised?
    Since the inception in 2001 of Thomas Carr College’s City Experience Program, we have been encouraging students to develop independence, self-reliance and responsibility, when travelling into and around the City on the Metro system. This ideology will continue in relation to the transportation of our students to and from the Good Samaritan Campus, with the students traveling to and returning from Colac via the V/line Regional Rail Network under the supervision of Thomas Carr College staff.  The College has researched a range of methods for transporting our students to the Good Samaritan Campus and this method was chosen as it is consistent with the aims of the iD9 program. Details of the journey and costs associated with V/Line, will be published shortly. If you have any feedback or comments in relation to this matter, please email me at:
  3. Will my child be able to take a mobile phone and will students use iPads?
    Students will be permitted to take a mobile phone to the Country Experience, and use it on the journey to and from the Good Samaritan Campus. However, while at the campus students will not be allowed to use their mobile devices under any circumstances. iPads will be used at various times while students are present at the Campus. Mobile phones will be collected from the students on their arrival at the campus, and along with iPads, these devices will be locked away in appropriate storage when not in use. 
  4. My child participates in sport outside of the College, how will the College minimise the disruption to their training program?
    All students will return to Thomas Carr College on Friday and therefore be in a position to participate in weekend sport. All students will be active participants in a range of physically challenging activities while participating in the Good Samaritan Campus program. Where possible and appropriate, the College will endeavour to accommodate those students with particular training needs.
  5. Will normal lessons be held during the Country Experience?
    Students will participate in a range of activities at the Good Samaritan Campus. There will be work/assignments students will need to complete while away. This work will be linked with the “My Future” learning focus. Students will also have work to prepare for the country experience and follow up assessment back at school.  
  6. Will students be interacting with the Local Community and what will this interaction look like?
    Students will be participating in a Community Service Project while at the Good Samaritan Campus. This project will see students spending time interacting with a range of people from the local community. During these times students will be supervised by the Campus Staff.  
  7. What staff will be involved in the Country Experience?
    Four residential staff will be located at the Good Samaritan Campus, including: the Campus Manager, two Outdoor Assistants, a Trainee and there will also be a part-time Chef for the preparation of meals. 
  8. Will the Country Experience be catered for?
    All food and drink will be supplied and the Menu is NUT FREE (the menu at the Campus is nut free and all students are advised not to bring food products containing nuts to the Campus).
     Each day, students will have a self-serve breakfast and prepare their own lunch. Students will be provided with a hot evening meal, prepared by the Chef in our commercial standard kitchen.  When students are participating in the expedition, they will be responsible for creating their own menus and experiencing their own camp cooking.  
  9. Will students be required to bring their own bedding/linen?
    Students will be required to bring their own pillow case (for hygiene reasons) and an appropriately rated sleeping bag. Each bed will have a fitted sheet provided. During the expedition, students will only be able to bring their sleeping bag. It is therefore important that the sleeping bag is appropriately rated for the season in which the student is participating in the country experience. Doonas are not required.
  10. How close is the nearest medical facility?
    The Good Samaritan Campus is located only 11km from Colac which has a comprehensive hospital and emergency department. Ambulance Victoria will also be advised of our attendance at Coragulac. While students are participating in the expedition, the nearest medical facility will be Otway Health and Community Services,  located in Apollo Bay.
  11. Will the Country Experience be a co-educational or a single sex experience?
    The Country Experience will be a single sex experience. Boys from two homerooms will attend for a two week Country Experience followed by girls from the same two homerooms.
  12. Does the Good Samaritan Campus meet current fire regulation for accommodation facilities?
    The Good Samaritan Campus has undergone a complete upgrade of its fire  response  capabilities to meet the latest requirements for accommodation facilities.  
  13. What security will be provided at the Good Samaritan Campus?
    The Good Samaritan Campus lends itself to be very safe due to its location. The Good Samaritan Campus adopts all the normal procedures that occur at school in terms of ensuring the safety of students. The various emergency agencies will also be advised that students will be in residence at the Campus. All the necessary fire protection alerts will be in place.
  14. Will parents be able to contact or visit the Good Samaritan Campus?
    All parents will be provided with contact details for the Campus and be able to use those details at any time. Parents will also be able to contact the Campus through Thomas Carr College’s website and the link to the Good Samaritan Campus email address.
  15. Will this program have an impact on fees?
    The fixed and variable cost of the Good Samaritan Campus will be absorbed into the annual College budget. An additional fee will not be incurred for students attending the Good Samaritan Campus. This situation will be reviewed during the initial lease period.