Behavioural Expectations

Behavioural Expectations at the Good Samaritan Campus

The Good Samaritan Campus is a campus of Thomas Carr College and as such, the behavioural expectations for students will be consistent with those that apply while attending regular classes.  Particular emphasis will be placed on safe behaviour that does not endanger themselves, other students or staff, particularly while engaging in outdoor activities.

Where a student does not behave according to the College's expectations, or where they are deemed to be a danger to themselves, other students or staff, they will be removed from the Campus.  In such instances, it will be the parents' responsibility to provide transport back to Melbourne.

No provision for supervision will be made at Thomas Carr College for students who have been sent home from the Good Samaritan Campus for disciplinary reasons.  They will effectively be suspended from the College and will only return to the College after a re-entry interview with the Head of School.

Use of Mobile Phones and iPads
Students are permitted to take a mobile phone to the Country Experience and use it on the journey to and from the Good Samaritan Campus, however, while at the Campus, students will not be allowed to use their mobile phones under any circumstances. Upon arrival students will be required to hand in their mobile phone to a Good Samaritan Campus staff member and will be safely stored. Students are required to bring their iPads which will be used at various times while students are present at the Campus. iPads will also be safely stored when not in use.

Behavioural Charter