Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition
Most major meal preparation will be undertaken by the Campus Chef. The menus are gauged to the tastes (and quantities) of 15 year old students engaged in days filled with physical activity.

Students do not need to supplement their diet with snack/junk food from home. We strongly encourage parents to assist staff in this matter.

If your child has special dietary needs please identify them on the medical form. If you have specific concerns that need to be discussed please contact the Campus Manager: Good Samaritan Campus.

Allergy Aware
Given the number of foods to which a student may be allergic to, it is not possible to remove all allergens.

It is better for the Thomas Carr College community to become aware of the risks associated with allergies and for the College to implement practical, age appropriate strategies to minimise exposure to known allergens.

At Thomas Carr College we do not promote that we either ‘ban nuts’ or are ‘nut-free’. Promoting a College as ‘nut-free’ is not recommended for the following reasons:
• It is impractical to implement and enforce
• There is no evidence of effectiveness
• It does not encourage the development of strategies for avoidance in the wider College community
• It may encourage complacency about risk minimisation strategies (for teachers, students and parents/carers) if a food is banned

We consider that being ‘allergy aware’ is a more appropriate term.

Whilst we do not claim to be ‘nut-free’, minimising exposure to particular foods such as peanuts and tree nuts can reduce the level of risk. This can include removing nut spreads and products containing nuts, but does not include removing products that ‘may contain traces’ of peanuts or tree nuts.