The Good Samaritan Campus

The Good Samaritan Campus is located at Coragulac and is part of the Parish of Cororooke, 11 kilometres from Colac.  It is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, 141 kilometres, from Thomas Carr College.  This is the location where our Year 7 Camp takes place and Year 9 students participate in a Country Experience as part of the iD9 program.



Good Samaritan

Living away from home over the three week period at the Good Samaritan Campus  provides students with an opportunity for personal growth, a developing sense of independence, resilience, social awareness and the development of skills for life and the world of work.  Sharing the Campus with other students will provide a rich and varied environment, and facilitate a better understanding of what it means to become more adult, to be a responsible member of a community and to take steps towards finding their own place in the world.

The Good Samaritan country experience aims to provide an environment for all learners, which is safe, caring, structured, challenging and engaging.

As educators, our aims are for all Year 9 students to be reflective, passionate, enthusiastic and active learners. We are confident that the Good Samaritan Campus will provide an environment where all these aims can be met.

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Good Samaritan Campus
729 Corangamite Lake Road
Coragulac   Vic   3249
Phone (03) 5233 1506
Mobile 0427 277 218

Location Maps

GSC Location

Campus Facilities
The Campus has accommodation for 28 students in rooms of two, four or six beds, all newly renovated, well-appointed dining rooms and commercial kitchen, two bathrooms being able to accommodate 15 students each, a comfortable student lounge, a learning space and staffroom, storage shed, staff and manager’s residence. There is also a large open sports oval immediately adjacent to the main building.

An important part of the students’ experience involves them functioning independently within a relatively isolated community. Students will have limited, timed access to mobiles, email or the Internet. This access will be available to students each evening from 5.00-6.00pm. Parents can register their email address with the Campus staff (on their students permission form) and receive a weekly bulletin detailing the progress of the group.

Campus Personnel

Mr Anthony Diamond      Manager: Good Samaritan Campus
Mr Daine Johnston          Outdoor Education Specialist
Ms Clare Wilson Outdoor Education Specialist
Mr Jacob Loughan         Outdoor Education Trainee
Ms Amy Hammond Outdoor Education Trainee
Ms Phillipa La Franchi Chef

 Enquiries can be directed to the email address:

Student Needs in an Emergency
There are medical facilities available at Colac Area Health in Colac, 11 km away. There are CFA stations at both Coragulac and Colac. Colac also has a permanent Police station. The Good Samaritan Campus has an Emergency Management Plan. It covers procedures for every possible emergency, including bushfire. Each new group of students will be briefed in emergency procedures, including evacuation.

Overview of the Good Samaritan Campus Experience
The Student’s growing sense of independence will be key to the Country Experience. This independence is tempered with a better understanding of what it is to be a responsible adult living in community and taking steps to find their own place into the world. The Good Samaritan Campus experience aims to provide all students with an exciting and challenging program in an environment that is safe, caring, structured and engaging.

The emphasis throughout the three week experience will be on learning through doing. Activities and project work will be based around the local Coragulac and Otways environments of lake, coast and forest.

Complementing experiential learning in each of these environments will be a further focus on community living centred on day to day life on the Campus.

The activities, such as kayaking/canoeing, mountain bike riding and bushwalking are not intended to be an end in themselves but rather a means by which the students can explore the environment that surrounds them at the Good Samaritan Campus. A strong emphasis will also be placed on student involvement in planning and decision making surrounding each activity, including a two day expedition through the Otway Ranges during their final week.

Program Overview

Week One
Key components include:

  • Introduction to GSC structure and expectations
  • Setting goals for the three-week experience
  • Introduction to Investigation Projects
  • Introduction to navigation and map reading
  • Orienteering
  • Mountain bike riding
  • Kayaking/canoeing
  • Community Service Project
  • Sustainable Futures Portfolio
  • Detailed planning for week 2 hiking.

Week Two
Key components include:

  • Survival and first aid in outdoor environments
  • Kayaking/canoeing
  • Community Service Project
  • Sustainable Futures Portfolio
  • Detailed planning for week 3 kayaking/canoeing
  • 2 day hike

Week Three
Key components include:

  • Preparation for overnight kayaking/canoeing
  • Three days kayaking/canoeing along the Glenelg River in the Lower Glenelg National Park.
  • At the completion of the expedition, a further day cleaning and handing in all equipment.

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