From the Head of Middle School

Within the Middle School we strive to create a positive, engaging and student-centred learning environment where students are supported by a team of dedicated teaching staff and a tremendous community spirit. At the Middle School, our aim is to provide a dynamic, progressive and equitable learning experience to our students through the ongoing development of our learning and teaching programs and continued refinement of teaching tools.  



 John Wilkson

Mr John Wilkinson
Head of Middle School


Our aim is to instil a can-do attitude in all our students, and work with them to engender high aspirations and a range of personal skills and qualities including self-confidence and leadership ability.

We endeavour to develop students not just academically, but as a whole person, growing well-rounded young adults who will be valuable contributors and members to both their community and wider society.

Playing an active role in your child’s education is paramount in helping them feel happy and secure in their school environment. The more you know about your child’s school life, the more you can help them to achieve the best possible results. Being proactive and engaged in all aspects of your child’s college life, in areas such as attendance, homework, reports, your child’s teachers, and the use of innovative technology in the classroom, will pay dividends when it comes to positive academic outcomes.

When choosing a school, one of the major questions parents want answered is whether their child will be safe in the new secondary school setting. Thomas Carr strives to create a safe school environment – we have zero tolerance for bullying.