Curriculum Overview

All curriculum is delivered in an environment that puts the student at the centre and where that student is supported by a dedicated teaching staff and tremendous community spirit. We are looking forward to developing, further, the learning and teaching opportunities that will engage our students and build our teaching tools to deliver a dynamic and progressive curriculum at Thomas Carr College. We are committed to:

• Providing an engaging and innovative learning environment
• Developing the capacity for independent thought and informed decision making

Year 7 – Curriculum Overview

Year Long Semester Based
Religious Education Indonesian
English Italian
Humanities  Art
Mathematics  Wood Technology
Physical Education  Food Technology


Year 8 – Curriculum Overview

Year Long Semester Based
Religious Education Digital Technologies Web Design
English Drama
Humanities Textiles
Mathematics Art
Physical Education  
LOTE (Indonesian or Italian)  

Year 9 – Curriculum Overview

Year Long Semester Based
Communication Challenge Elective
Investigation Enrichment Elective
Personal Development  
Religious Education  
Physical Education  


Year 10 – Curriculum Overview

There are two pathways available:
1. Mainstream (for students who wish to continue onto VCE or VET)
Compulsory Subjects:

  • Religious Education
  •  English
  •  Mathematics
  •  Science – at least one semester
  •  Humanities – at least one semester
  •  Physical Education
  • VCE OR VET study

2. PreCal  (for students who wish to continue onto VCAL only)
Compulsory Subjects:

  •  Religious Education
  •  Literacy
  • Numeracy
  •  Science – at least one semester
  •  Humanities – at least one semester
  •  Physical Education
  • VET study

Year 11 – Curriculum Overview

At Year 11 students study six VCE subjects. The six subjects under normal circumstances would consist of five Unit 1 & 2 sequences plus a Unit 3 & 4/VET sequence continued from the previous year. Students must choose an English subject as well as choose from among VCE Religion and Society Units 1 & 2 or the Thomas Carr College Religious Education program.

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is an alternate senior secondary qualification that most schools across the state now deliver. It provides a hands-on, project based program with a more flexible approach to education in the later years.

Year 12 – Curriculum Overview

At Year 12 students complete five VCE subjects. Students must continue with their English learning pathways. Students can select to undertake a VCE Religious Education subject, Religion and Society instead of the Thomas Carr College Religious Education program. An Advanced Standing Study is a full first year university subject made up of two units, one offered in semester one and the other offered in semester two. The two courses available are Education and Health.

Promoting a Successful Learning Community

In consultation with parents, students and teachers, the College developed a strategic statement of intent around promoting a successful learning community which outlines the responsibilities of students, parents and teachers in helping maximise learning and success.