VCE in China


Each year, students from Thomas Carr College’s VCE partner schools in China graduate and go on to further study in universities in Australia. Click here to see our graduate video.

Transnational VCE Conference
Thomas Carr College co-hosts a successful VCE conference each year in China. The conference brings together several hundred delegates (students, teachers, university academics, school leaders and government officials) in a spirit of collegiality and commitment to learning from each other’s educational settings and experiences in order improve the outcomes for our students studying the VCE in China. 




Induction Program
Each year, teachers of the VCE in China will spend up to a month at Thomas Carr College to work alongside their mentor. These visits provide valuable opportunities to meet face to face, to work together in a classroom and to explore proven teaching strategies.

Summer Camps
Each year, VCE students from China spend some of their Chinese summer holiday at Thomas Carr in our VCE classes. This visit provides opportunities for our students to host visitors from China at home and in their classes.

Members of the Thomas Carr College community regularly host visiting student groups. To find out more about becoming a host, please contact Mr Tom Bridges, Director of International Programs.

"Program a catalyst for lessons in China" The Banner, 2009

"College offers China certificate" The Banner, May 20 2009

For more information, please contact Mr Tom Bridges, Director of International Programs or 03 8734 2444