Fees and Allowances

Fees are billed once per year and are due at the end of March each year. A number of payment options are available for those who need more time to pay. Payment options are outlined in the documents listed below


2017 Schedule of Fees and Charges

Tuition per student (Years 7 to 12) - domestic students only


Capital Levy per family (compulsory)


ICT Resource Charge for Year 7 Students


ICT Resource Charge for Year 8 - 12 Students


International Student Fees (non-residential students)
refer to "International Programs" menu on homepage



For all information relating to fee amounts,  all forms can be found under ‘Forms and Schedules’ tab located to the right of this page

A 6.5% discount will be applied for tuition fees paid in full by the end of March each year 

Fees can be paid via Direct Debit from bank accounts and credit cards. Payments can also be made via cash, cheque or EFTPOS at the Business Office. A Payment Plan Form is required to be completed by all new parents/fee payers to indicate your preferred payment option.

Please refer to the Payment Plan Consent Form, Direct Debit forms and Credit Card Payment forms in the "Forms and Schedules" section to the right of this page.

Your nominated Payment Plan arrangement will continue whilst your child is enrolled at the College and until the account is cleared in full, unless you submit a new Payment Plan form.

Annual accounts comprise of Tuition fees per student (all curriculum costs and compulsory activities such as a camp, where applicable) a compulsory Family Capital Levy and the ICT Resource Charge.

Separate charges will be billed for selective subjects (VETIS Courses and Music Lessons) and optional items (eg. replacement locks).

The College may, during the year issue items such as ipads, textbooks and locks for use by the students. If the student does not return the items issued to them by the requested dates, or if the item is lost or damaged, the College will bill these items at their full replacement or repair cost, without exception.

A copy of the Fees Schedule, Fees Policy and other relevant information is provided in the ‘Forms and Schedules’ section for your reference.

If accounts are not paid within a timely manner, the College will instigate appropriate debt collection processes. Therefore, if you experience financial difficulty at any time during the year, please contact the College Debt Officer on 8734 2427 to discuss mutually acceptable payment arrangements.

Click here to view the Fees Policy

ICT Resource Charge

This is an annual charge that all students must pay to cover the costs associated with providing them with a College owned laptop to facilitate the school’s digital device program.
Students who are commencing at the school in 2017 must pay this charge before collecting the device on 24th January – further information can be found under “Learning & Teaching/Device program” on this website. Students who are continuing their enrolment at the College in 2017 can pay this charge at the Business Office as part of their Fee Payment Plans.

Change of Details

It is very important that the College is kept up to date with a family's current address, contact phone numbers (home, work and mobile) and email address as we may need to contact you in an emergency. The College's main form of communication is electronic so families are requested to update their details using the 'Change of Details Form'.

Change of Family Status

If your family circumstances change, you will need to let us know of new arrangements for fees or guardianship. Please submit the 'Change of Family Status Form'.

Government CSEF Allowance

Any parent or guardian who holds a Centrelink Pension or HealthCare card current as at 28th January 2017 may be eligible for the State Government’s “Camping Sport Excursion Funding (CSEF)” subsidy of $275 per student aged 17 years old and under. This allowance will be paid directly to the school and will be allocated against the applicable fee account.

The CSEF form, available from this website or the Business Office, must be completed and returned to the College in early February, with your Centrelink card, so it can be submitted to the government by the closing date. Eligible parents must lodge the application every year, even if they have lodged the form previously. It is important that every eligible parent returns the form as this results in further funding for the college, as well as providing the parents’ with the fee subsidy. 

Click here for the 2017 CSEF Application Form