Student Absences

Contacting the College to report a student absence
Parents/guardians are asked to ring the College prior to 8.30am to report their child being absent from school. The following details are to be left:

a.  the student name and Homeroom
b.  your name and relationship to the student
c.  the date/s of absence
d.  adivse if a specialist class (eg music lesson) will be affected

Upon returning to the College, students are asked to present to their Homeroom teacher a note signed by their parent/guardian explaining their absence. A medical certificate, where necessary, should also be attached, except for VCE students who must present a medical certificate for SAC absences.

The 24 hour absentee phone number is 8734 2400.

Student absence from compulsory school events

Students who are absent from compulsory school events must contact the College as per the above procedure. Additionally, students are required to present a medical certificate to their Homeroom teacher upon their return to the College. Should a medicate certificate not be presented, a Saturday Detention will be issued.

Extended student absence from the College
Any student who wishes to apply for extended absence from the College, must have their parent/guardian write a letter to the Principal, requesting such leave. The note is to contain the following details:

a.  the student name and Homeroom
b.  the dates of absence
c.  the reason for the absence
d.  acknowledgement that the student will make contact with the relevant teachers to ensure they will not miss out on any work
e.  signed by the parent/guardian

The letter is to be handed in to the Principal's office for approval. Notification will be advised to families by the Student Reception office.