College Vinnies Conference

Jesus said; “Here I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:27).


Leadership within the area Catholic Identity is a genuine effort to create and build a culture of servant-leaders who are committed to learning, serving, leading and believing. Therefore there is a great emphasis on those students who put their hand up to lead in the area of liturgy and social justice. Each year we elect new Social Justice and Liturgy Captains who are responsible for preparing and leading in their area of interest. Due to St Vincent de Paul working closely with our College, our Liturgy and Social Justice Captains join together as one large group who are referred to as our ‘College Vinnies Conference’.

Our College Conference is a group of 12 students accompanied by the Director of Catholic Identity, College Chaplain, Social Justice Coordinator and volunteers who meet regularly during a Friday lunchtime. This is not just a social justice group; but a group of seeking to live out faith through action, exemplified in the Vincentian spirituality.

Each year, our College Vinnies Conference attend a Servant Leadership Day with an overall focus upon the importance of role models and the influences of our own individual choices that we make, how it impacts in the school environment and beyond. Students are challenged to identify and examine their values as well as think about their own character, skills and the part they are to play as a servant leader at Thomas Carr College and beyond.

In addition, we invite the Young Vinnies Coordinator to officially commission our conference members with badges and present them with their very own Conference Banner.

Lord our God, in your wisdom and love
You surround us with mysteries of the universe.
In times long past you sent us prophets to teach your laws
And to bear witness to your underlying love.
You send your Son to teach us by word
and example that true wisdom come from you alone.
Send your spirit upon our College Vinnies Conference
and fill them with your wisdom and blessings.
May they devote themselves to their studies
and share their gifts of service with others. Through Christ our Lord.