At Thomas Carr College we endeavour to celebrate joyful and meaningful liturgical events.


Prayer is one of the most important facets of building our ‘lived’ Catholic Identity. God refers to prayer as something He 'remembers' for the benefit of our future in His Kingdom.

Over the academic year, we have the opportunity to develop a prayer life that builds and sustains our relationship with God and with others.

There are many visible signs of God’s presence in our College life which include the crucifixes in each classroom, icons, prayer tables, sacred spaces, candles, scriptural quotes, religious posters, paintings, portraits and inspired artworks. We have chosen to visually demonstrate a range of creative prayer and liturgical experiences, to give thanks for our daily blessings and for the ample opportunities we encounter. All of these celebrations allow our College community the opportunity to speak and act in an intentional, ritual, sacramental, prayerful, and communal way.

We have a committed Liturgy Team who make a genuine effort to fulfil our College's vision and mission through creating and building a culture of servant-leadership.

Some of our liturgical and prayerful highlights include:

  • Creatively led prayer during Morning Homeroom and within the Religious Education classroom, student leadership days, reflection days, retreats, camps and at the commencement of all Assemblies, Staff Faith Days, Briefings and Meetings.
  •  Lunchtime Prayer Services & College Vinnies Conference gatherings
  • Community Masses to mark World Day of Prayer, Catholic Education Week, ANZAC Day, Feast of St Mary of the Cross, National Sorry Day, Catholic Mission Month, All Souls Day, Mothers' Day and Father’s Day.
  •  Whole School Masses and liturgies which include our Commencement Mass, Ash Wednesday Liturgy, Stations of the Cross, Thomas Carr Day Eucharist, Feast of Pentecost liturgy, Assumption Mass, Remembrance Day service and our Advent Thanksgiving Mass.
  •  Year Level Masses which incorporate our Year 12 Graduation Mass.
  • Special end of year thanksgiving celebrations for our staff, parents, friends and volunteers.

Our students and staff also join the St James the Apostle Parish for a weekday Mass each Friday Morning. These Masses foster and strengthen our parish connections thus allow each member of our College community the opportunity to discover and experience a deeper and more meaningful appreciation of the rituals of our Church.