Faith Development & Reflection Days

We offer a creative faith formation experiences for our College community with an opportunity for them to explore new possibilities and expressions of their faith. 


All staff participate in an annual Staff Faith Day with internationally renowned guest speakers along with regular voluntary RE professional learning provided each term. This is an opportunity for all our teaching and support staff to engage further in historical biblical criticism; exploring the big ideas and questions for deeper theological understanding.

Each year level participates in at least one reflection day over the course of the year, centred on a theme related to their Religious Education program. We ensure each day is tailored to provide our students with the opportunity for spiritual reflection, inspiration, evangelisation and hopefully a deeper appreciation and/or strengthening of their faith journey.

Reflection Days

  • Year 7 – ‘Knowing God’
  • Year 8 – ‘Interfaith Dialogue’
  • Year 9 – ‘Called to Action’
  • Year 10 – ‘The Road Ahead’
  • Year 11 – ‘Developing Healthy Relationships’
  • Year 12 – ‘A day of Spiritual Reflection’

Workshops and Seminars;

  • Servant Leadership Retreat Day- ‘Lead The Way’
  • Year 11 Religion & Society -‘Jewish, Christian & Muslim Dialogue’
  • Year 12 Religion & Society – ‘Catholic Voices’
  • Year 12 Vocations Week Seminar – ‘The Call’
  • Year 12 School Based Religious Education – ‘An Alternative to Schoolies’

Reflection Days, workshop and our seminars are an integral part of the Mission of our College. They are inclusive, purposeful and meaningful and take into account the culture and experiences of our students. We are prayerfully optimistic that our students enjoy these events. Some of our facilitators include the National Evangelisation Team (NET), REALTALK, Archdiocesan Office for Youth, Karis Ministries; YourChoicez; JCM Association; Catholic Voices, Centrecare Catholic Family Services, Youth Evangelisation Team (YMT), Office of Evangelisation, Catholic Archdiocese of Vocations, Values Education, Hullabaloo Studio and Fr Robert Galea.